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5 Comments on “SPRAT vs IRATA”

  1. christian
    We have been working building outdoor and aerial adventures courses, via ferratas and means of access in difficult terrain for numbers of years now. I would like to discuss the possibilities of Sprat/Irata certification for a group of 4 to 5 rope technician, with ranging from 1500 to 6000 hours individually logged on rope. We are located close to Montreal in a location that we used as basic training facilities and the Prisme Canada home base! please contact me to discuss further scheduled courses Christian Ouellette project supervisor 514 241 2703
  2. Ronnie
    Of the two systems, which has the better safety record? How big a difference between number of fatal accidents have their been by certified IRATA vs certified Sprat operatives?
  3. Tyler
    Andy, as near as I can tell this is a grey area between the two systems. My boss is a level 3 SPRAT and he signs off on my Level 1 IRATA hours. It's a situations where no one has said it's not okay, but no one has said it is okay, either.

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